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My job is to help your company communicate better. I am an actor and professional voice talent (announcer, narrator and voice artist) who is experienced in several voiceover styles. If you need to give your brand, service, or product a voice, please contact me.

Based on the analysis of the briefing and the script, I record and edit my voice in a professional audio facility including treatment and sound insulation.

I believe that a good relationship is as important as the artistic performance. This is the reason why my service is proactive, agile and friendly.


Watch this video from Clube da Voz’s “Ouço Vozes” series, to get to know me better (the video is in Brazilian Portuguese).


Studies, research, and performance improvement are fundamental in any career. As a voice artist, I have attended many courses and workshops conducted by masters such as Fátima Toledo, Esio Magalhães, Daniel Berbedés, Fernando Vieira, Gabriel Guimard, Eduardo Coutinho, Miquéias Paz, Mauro Zanatta, Lúcia de Léllis, Pedro Barreto, Marcio Ballas, Silvana Abreu and Luis Louis, among others.
In addition, my vocal quality and health are monitored by speech therapists Lucia Gayotto and Mirella Guilhen.


Besides being an actor and voice artist, I am also an advertiser, graduated from FAAP, with a master’s degree and PhD in Communications and Semiotics from PUC – SP, and a professor of Digital Games at PUC – SP; Audiovisual, Advertising, Radio, TV and Internet at Fapcom (Paulus College of Communication).
From 1983 to 1996, I worked as an announcer and producer at some of the major radio and TV stations in Sao Paulo (Brazil): Antena 1, FM 97, Excelsior AM (currently CBN), Gazeta FM, Nova FM Record, Band FM, TV Bandeirantes and Eldorado FM. From 2003 to 2014 I acted as an announcer on HBO Plus and HBO Max.
Currently, I own the audio-production company Núcleo de Criação, and I act as master of ceremonies and video presenter in corporate events.


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